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Rhinoplasty, which means “to shape the nose” in Greek, is a plastic surgical operation that is frequently referred to as a “nose job” and tries to reshape the nose for cosmetic reasons or rectify congenital or acquired nasal abnormalities.
Contact our Portland Oregon office to set up a consultation with a rhinoplasty expert if you’re considering the procedure.
Your physical condition right now and your motivations for getting rhinoplasty will both be carefully assessed throughout your rhinoplasty consultation.

In reconstructive rhinoplasty cases such those following nasal trauma, secondary rhinoplasty, respiratory compromise, or congenital deformity, our surgical goal is to restore the form and function of the nose.
In situations of cosmetic rhinoplasty, he seeks to rectify the nasal deformity and cosmetically improve the nose in accordance with the patient’s preferences.


How to Prepare for a Rhinoplasty

An appointment will be made for a consultation with one of our surgeons prior to the rhinoplasty treatment.
Patients should anticipate a thorough assessment of their recent and historical medical history at the consultation, as well as a physical examination that will concentrate on the nose.
The worries, objectives, and anticipations of the rhinoplasty procedure will be discussed with our expert.
The doctor will examine your nose during the consultation and will provide recommendations for the treatments that need be done to get the desired results as well as other ancillary procedures that may improve face harmony, such as a chin implant.

The consultation will address all of your questions and include a thorough discussion of the risks, advantages, and issues related to the rhinoplasty operation.
To guarantee accurate pre-operative planning and a safe and quick recovery following the procedure, the highlights of the pre- and post-operative instructions will be reviewed.
The practice coordinator will go over advice on which drugs and herbal supplements to stay away from.


Causes of rhinoplasty

Nasal surgery, including nasal septal surgery, is frequently performed to treat either congenital or acquired abnormalities of the nose.

Rehabilitation rhinoplasty

When the nose has been damaged, undergone a secondary rhinoplasty, suffered breathing problems, or has a congenital malformation, reconstructive nasal surgery tries to restore the nose’s shape and function.
Restoration of normal breathing is the aim, which may be hindered by nasal septal deviation, nasal bone narrowness, decreased angle of internal or external nasal valve, saddle nose deformity, and other factors.

Injectable rhinoplasty

In cosmetic rhinoplasty cases, the patient’s desire to improve face aesthetics is taken into consideration as we work to repair the nasal deformity and aesthetically improve the nose’s look.
These objectives are accomplished through enhancing the nose’s form, appearance, and ratios to the other face components.
Reshaping the nose involves either reduction, augmentation, or a mix of both procedures, depending on the nasal structures.
The dorsal convexity is either reduced or enhanced to improve the nasal profile, the alar cartilages are trimmed, moved, or sutured to improve nasal tip definition, projection, and location, the nasal bones are repositioned to correct nasal width, the nasal nostrils are corrected, and more.

Gains from rhinoplasty

By enhancing the appearance of your nose, rhinoplasty may help you look better.
The following advantages of rhinoplasty also exist:

minimize the nose’s size

balance out the facial traits.

Reduce the nose’s base or bridge’s width.

Getting rid of a dorsal hump

Correct nasal bridge “depressions” and concavities

Enhance the look of the nose’s tip (reduce the size, lift a drooping tip, or improve symmetry)

enlarge the nostrils less

rectify a crooked nasal septum

Improve nasal breathing by widening airways

Stop snoring

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