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Are you looking for a top rhinoplasty doctor in Portland Oregon?
Rhinoplasty, one of the trickier plastic surgery treatments, is a favorite among our doctors.
He relishes the challenges and subtleties of organizing and carrying out his vision.
The majority of plastic surgeons believe that rhinoplasty is the most challenging operation kind, according to him.
I enjoy performing the process, even though it involves working with millimeter-sized fractions.
I make a specific nose for each face I work with.

One of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Portland Oregon is one of our surgeons.
Patients from over the Pacific Northwest go to our office for the greatest rhinoplasty results because of our physicians’ enviable reputation as Portland Oregon best nose surgeons.

What Issues Can a Nose Job Fix?

Our surgeons can address a wide range of aesthetic and practical issues in the nose, such as:

large, bent, or wide-nosed

Visible hump or depression on the bridge of the nose

a large, drooping, or tilted nasal tip

Nostrils that are too big or uneven

a physical anomaly (such a deviated septum) that interferes with a person’s ability to breathe normally

Do I Qualify for a Rhinoplasty?

Cosmetic considerations or respiratory problems are the two main causes of nose jobs.
If your nose’s size, shape, or any other aspect of appearance bothers you, or if its irregular structure is preventing you from breathing normally, you may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty.
The most frequent irregularity that necessitates non-cosmetic nose surgery is a deviated septum.

You should not smoke and be in good physical and mental health (or quit prior to surgery).
It’s crucial that you go into surgery with realistic expectations and with the intention of improving, not perfecting, yourself.
The most satisfied patients are typically those who are well-informed and had acceptable expectations.
During your surgery consultation, our experts will clarify what rhinoplasty can and cannot accomplish and assist you in setting reasonable surgical goals.
He might also suggest chin augmentation as a way to support your aesthetic objectives.

Your Initial Consultation for Rhinoplasty

The consultation for rhinoplasty has a number of objectives.
First, one of our experts will examine your nose physically, checking things like the thickness and pliability of your skin.
He will ask you to list the aspects of your nose that you dislike and to describe the ideal situation.

We will begin to imagine your rhinoplasty and the outcomes you want based on this information.
This is a feature of rhinoplasty that our surgeons particularly enjoy.
He explains his method for performing rhinoplasty by saying, “I like to build a nose that both the patient and I are striving for.”

Open vs. Closed Approach to Rhinoplasty

There are two ways to conduct a rhinoplasty:

Closed (endonasal) approach: the incisions are made inside the nostrils to prevent obvious scarring.

Open technique: necessitates a second incision across the skin graft that divides the nostrils.

The open technique enables the surgeon to expose the nasal architecture beneath the skin of the nose by “unroofing” the nose.
The surgeon is then allowed to modify the cartilage, for as by remolding it or adding a graft, before redraping the skin over it.
Many surgeons appreciate having the ability to shape the nasal features.

Patients typically complain about a lump on the nose rather than how their cartilage or bone looks.

We operate on “their” outside issues rather than the patient’s complaints about their cartilage.
Even while it allows the surgeon more leeway, what you do on the inside may not always translate to what you see on the outside.

Less is more, and we think that opening up the nose often isn’t essential, subjecting patients to additional swelling, more scar tissue, and other factors.
He prefers to employ the closed technique whenever it is medically feasible.


This is not to mean that the open technique is forbidden; in fact, our surgeons may opt to use it in instances requiring greater access to the nasal structures, such as those with larger noses or complex situations.


The Process of Rhinoplasty

A cutting-edge, completely accredited surgical clinic offers rhinoplasty as an outpatient procedure.
To keep you relaxed throughout the treatment, you will be given sedatives and anesthetics.

The surgical incisions will be made by our surgeons inside the nostrils (he may add the additional incision across the columella).
He will perform the necessary surgical adjustments through the incisions.
Depending on the circumstance, this can entail smoothing a bump on the nose’s bridge, fine-tuning the nasal tip, shrinking the nostrils, or making other changes to the nose’s bone and cartilage to enhance its appearance.

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