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Directions From Orenco Station

Orenco Station Oregon

Orenco Station has been called by many names including “The Jewel of Hillsboro” and “The Jewel of Oregon.” Orenco Station is an emerging middle class neighborhood in the center of Hillsboro, Oregon. It is an ideal place for anyone who enjoys the advantages of a convenient, integrated location, great school districts, shopping, cultural activities and recreation opportunities. The planned urban center was purposely designed as a pedestrian-oriented, mid-density, mixed-use community built in partnership with TriMet bus service and the Portland Development Commission.

There are five neighborhoods that make up this exciting urban center. They are Hillsboro Village, Vineyard Village, Broadway Village, The loop, and Oaksterdam. Within each of these neighborhoods, you will find amazing views, plentiful employment opportunities, walkable distance to shopping, dining and other attractions, and wonderful places to stay. This vibrant neighborhood offers outstanding places to park, walk the dog, take public transit, get your morning coffee, and find low cost healthcare. All of this is just steps away from one of the most beautiful artificial lakes in the world.

In Hillsboro Village, you will find a wide variety of shops and boutiques to choose from. There are affordable apartments in this area as well as houses, condos, and town homes. There are public parks and green spaces in this neighborhood as well. There are also many convenient locations to reach your workplace, store or restaurant.

Vineyard Village is known for its spectacular views and proximity to downtown. Enjoy the fresh air and breathtaking Oregon landscapes while being a short walking distance from the light rail station. You will enjoy easy access to the Portland airport, shopping, and dining in the heart of the Arts District. If you love the outdoors, then you will love living in Vineyard Village. The village is conveniently located near I-5 freeway and the Rose Bowl.

A little over an hour to the north of Vineyard Village is Hillsboro. This city is home to many well-known attractions including the famous Hood River Golf Course and the Oregon Zoo. The shopping and dining opportunities in this area are very promising with many different stores and restaurants featuring local, seasonal, and organic foods. Traveling to downtown Hillsboro is easy when you take advantage of light rail transportation.

To the south is Grants Pass, where you can experience mountain vistas and overlooks. It is also just minutes away from the downtown streets of Medford, Tigard and Oak Grove. This historic town is very close to many wonderful places to eat and visit including the Portland International Raceway, Jackpot! Casino, Car Wash, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The light rail system runs through many of these towns.

The beauty of Orenco Station lies in its easy access to the rail system that goes throughout much of OR. This includes the Portland International Raceway and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can reach these locations by taking a train or shuttle. Even if you do not have a lot of money to spend on traveling, you can still experience all that this beautiful region has to offer. The trains feature many relaxing options such as a bar, lounge, television, Internet access and, of course, ample room for luggage.

The light rail riders will be treated to many scenic options when traveling through Oregon and the Columbia Gorge. You can get around the Gorge on the famous Huckleberry Falls Trail, hiking along the river, or taking a cable car to the top of Mt. Hood. In between destinations you can stop at the Orenco Station to grab some coffee, breakfast or lunch. With the train so near, you should make the most out of your traveling experience.

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