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What to do in Somerset is a question many people often ponder. This beautiful southern coastal town in the United Kingdom is known for its amazing beaches, rich history and arts. As well as all of these great attractions, it also has some great family attractions and activities. Here are some things to do in Somerset for families of any age. Here’s what you can enjoy in Somerset:

Go on a Safari! If you’re adventurous or at least love animals, a safari is a great way to learn more about wildlife in the wilds of the UK. Many hotels offer private tours of the famous National Trust parks where you can get close to a wide variety of wildlife including foxes, bears, deer and even monkeys – and the benefits don’t just stop there. You can get great ideas on how to look after wildlife and create a great photo opportunity too!

Go on a Wine Tour! Wines aren’t just for special occasions anymore. In fact, in the UK, there are dozens of different wine tours available to tourists. Each one exploring different types of wineries in unique ways. Discover new areas, try new wines, and sample a great selection of food and dishes along the way.

See a movie at the cinema! Don’t have time to stop by your local cinema? Visit a number of cinemas in various towns throughout Somerset. Most offer fantastic late showings too – so you can catch up with favourite movies as you travel. Or watch a classic film on a big screen – no DVDs necessary!

Check out the Spa Treatment Parlour. Somerset is host to some excellent spa treatment centres. Somerset has a number of top spas including The Temple Bar Hotel & Spa, Blenheim House Hotel & Spa, and Caudan Spa. All offer great treatments from facial and body treatments to manicures and pedicures.

Visit a traditional market. Somerset has a rich history – and it’s easy to get lost in the heritage and culture. Somerset hosted the Roman spa colony of St Augustine – one of the best preserved towns in England. Take in some shopping at the local markets, or enjoy a leisurely stroll through the town.

Take a wildflower walk. Somerset is a beautiful place to visit with lots of wildlife. Enjoy a guided nature trail in some of its most beautiful places, or get out in the wild to view birds and butterflies. The stunning Beaching Hills and Beaching Tree are just two of the attractions. Make sure you pack a camera – there’s nothing quite like a self-guided tour through the beautiful scenery.

When planning your family holiday, there are plenty of things to do in Somerset. You’ll find great wildlife, great art and music, and plenty of great places to explore. Somerset is definitely a place worth considering.

If you’re looking for a great family holiday, Somerset is definitely a top choice. With its beautiful countryside, there are endless opportunities for fun and adventure. Take in the local wildlife, take a stroll through some old-fashioned villages, or take part in some extreme sports. Somerset is a great place for all kinds of people – there’s something here for everyone. For those more adventurous folk, there’s even a stag night festival – which is great for friends and family. It’s also a great place to meet up with friends from work or study.

Somerset is home to lots of great wildlife. There are many different types of wild life in Somerset, including but not limited to deer, wild boars, badgers, foxes and more. If you’re feeling brave, you can sign up for a guided hunt. This gives you the opportunity to bag some very fine venison. You can also try your hand at dog training, if you’re into hunting (and who isn’t? ).

For the more gentle-minded, there’s the option of bird watching. Birds are a great way to spend your afternoon, and you’ll be surprised how much pleasure you get from watching birds in their natural habitat. Somerset is also a perfect setting for a day of horse riding, if that’s your thing.

If you love to cook, there are many great things to do in Somerset. There are courses to suit all tastes and ages, including beginners’ classes. You can have a taster of some mouth-watering southern dishes. You can go for an afternoon’s shopping in one of the many market towns, or head to one of the many fine restaurants. Whatever you want to do in Somerset, it can all be done within easy reach of home – whether that’s in the comfort of your own house or in a lovely holiday cottage.

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