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Many people relate how confident they feel about themselves to how they view their facial characteristics.
The way a person perceives themselves can be greatly affected when the nose does not produce an attractive, harmonic balance with the surrounding areas.
These people might be born with an abnormally large nose or discover that harm to the nasal structure has changed the way they look.
A rhinoplasty shapes the nasal structures for a more symmetrical and appealing appearance.

balanced facial characteristics

Your facial proportions may be off if your nose is abnormally large.
Many people want a rhinoplasty to treat an excessively large or deformed nasal structure, however some people have noses that are too tiny for their faces.
The quality of the jawline can be affected by larger noses, which frequently gives the illusion of a chin that is weak or undefined.
A more balanced face appearance can be achieved by increasing the size of the nose.

A Clear Profile

Natural nasal trauma, such as a sports injury, a fall, or a car accident, that did not heal properly can lead to a noticeable nasal hump or a broad bridge.
These wounds may lead to a crooked nose, which takes away from your attractive, natural appearance.
A rhinoplasty improves the facial profile and gives the patient a more beautiful appearance by slenderizing and smoothing the nasal bridge.

Tip Projection that is Notable

Numerous variances and anomalies can exist in the nasal tip.
Some people have an extended nose due to a drooping nasal tip.
Some people have upturned nasal tips, which can give the impression that their noses are too narrow or constricted.
A rhinoplasty can rotate the nasal tip to create the ideal amount of projection by adding graphs or an implant to the nose.

Better Breathing

A deviated septum, which happens when the cartilage separating the nasal passages is crooked, can cause snoring or breathing problems.
The airflow is obstructed by a deviated septum, which results in breathing abnormalities and challenges.
A septoplasty is a rhinoplasty variant that corrects a badly formed septum.
This surgery can be carried out independently or in conjunction with a rhinoplasty.


We use your visit with one of our surgeons to determine whether you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty.
A rhinoplasty is a specialized treatment that is customized for you.
You’ll learn during your one-on-one consultation:

Talk about your intentions and targets.

Review the surgical alternatives you have.

Create a surgical strategy.

Examine your medical history, paying particular attention to any facial trauma.

Obtain guidelines on how to get ready for your treatment.

Before having a nose job:

Quit smoking.

Stop using NSAIDs, aspirin, and blood-thinning herbal supplements.

To help you and the doctor better understand how your expectations compare to your prospective results, the VECTRA® 3D Imaging technology may be used during this session.


How is rhinoplasty carried out?

General anesthesia is used during the outpatient rhinoplasty operation.

Depending on the kind of nose modification you want, several rhinoplasty techniques will be employed.

Nasal reductions are carried out by carefully trimming away extra bone and cartilage.
When the nose’s bridge has lumps or bumps, this procedure is used.

An augmenting substance, like a cartilage transplant or implant, is necessary for nasal augmentations.
The septum, an ear, or the ribcage can all be used to harvest cartilage.
These grafts or implants can enlarge the nose or give it more projection.

A Closed Rhinoplasty: What Is It?

A closed rhinoplasty alters the nose in a minimal to moderate way without using exterior incisions.
For a closed rhinoplasty, the incisions are placed inside the nostrils so that you and everyone else won’t see them.


How Does an Open Rhinoplasty Work?

For patients who require more substantial correction to the nose or nasal canal, an open rhinoplasty may be necessary.
In order to lift the skin and disclose the entire internal structure of the nose during an open rhinoplasty, an external incision must be made across the columella (the strip of skin between the nostrils).

Although this procedure necessitates an external incision, the incision typically heals well and is undetectable.

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