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Facial Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers: Part 01

Question: Am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty?
Answer: From the limited photographs presented, it appears at all you will need is an alar-plasty to narrow wide nostrils. They’re asymmetrical now and they will still be asymmetrical after the plastic surgery. You also have recessive chin, so consider placement of a chin implant to augment your chin forward for better facial balance and proportions. Both procedures can be performed under local anesthesia, or general anesthesia.

Question: Surgeons seen to have their out buzz words for facials. Deep plane, refresher face lift. Are they really different?
Answer: Yes indeed there are a lot of buzzwords marketed by surgeons for facelift procedures. In our practice, the goal of a lower face and neck lift procedure is to tighten loose facial and neck skin, tighten loose facial and neck muscles, lift the jowls, and remove the fat deposits in the neck which also includes a platysma plasty to significantly improve the jawline. Make sure you study your prospective surgeon’s before and after facelift photo Gallery, which should be extensive with natural results that you like. Forget the buzzwords. 

Question: Does the Glide Lift really work?
Answer: Much more information is needed, such as a full set of facial photographs to make a determination about whether or not you’re even a candidate for a brow lift procedure. There are many reasons to get a brow lift which include Raising low-set eyebrows, adjusting asymmetrical eyebrows, raising or lowering the hairline, softening the vertical and horizontal wrinkles in the forehead and softening both the corrugator and frontalis muscles. We do not use any type of quilting stitch, since it can cause necrosis of the skin flap. We use drains that are left in place for 24 hours.

Question: 24, what do you recommend for a stronger chin/jawline? Chin implant? Chin lipo?
Answer: From the photographs presented, you have a recessive mandible, and fat deposits in your neck located both above and below the platysma muscle in your neck. Placement of a chin implant will augment your mandible bone forward and give you a small amount of width as well. A neck lift procedure is going to be required to remove both compartments of fat in your neck which also includes a platysma plasty to significantly improve the jawline. No skin removal is required. This can usually be performed with three small access incisions. Liposuction won’t be very effective in your neck because most of the fat that you have is below the platysma muscle.

Question: What is average down time for a surgical under-eye lift?
Answer: Most patients tend to have some degree of bruising and swelling for two weeks after a lower blepharoplasty. Most patients who are less than 50 years of age can undergo a trans conjunctival approach by the Placement of the incisions completely on the inside of the eyelid. If there’s excess skin present , then a small incision is made at the eyelash line, and then this incision is closed with tissue glue, which that takes about 10 days for it to dissolve. 

Question: Kybella ruined my chin! What are my options?
Answer: Kybella is not very effective, and can have prolonged swelling after the injections. Best to wait about six months, and if they’re still fat deposits in the neck at that point, then consider liposuction under local anesthesia.

Question: I have two loose muscles on my neck making me look older is Kybella for this it’s not fat or is thermal better?
Answer: The limited photographs demonstrate facial changes of aging which include jowls, loose and inelastic skin in the neck and face, platysma muscle cords in the neck, and fat deposits underneath the platysma cords. A lower face and neck lift procedure with a platysma-plasty is going to be required to rejuvenate your face, neck, and neck cords. 

Question: What are the probable/potential side effects of platysmaplasty in a woman in her late 20s?
Answer: Much more information is needed as to whether weather or not you need a platysma-plasty. A platysma-plasty is only performed when there is significant fat deposits located below the platysma muscle neck that are surgically removed.

Question: Is my nose too wide in relation to my mouth?
Answer: A closed rhinoplasty approach can accomplish narrowing her entire bridge line and refining the tip slightly to narrow the nose. All incisions are placed on the inside of the nose. No external incisions are required, and no painful packing is required either.

Question: Chin lipo revision options?
Answer: There appears to be multiple issues going on with your healing process along with residual fat deposits in the neck located above and below the platysma muscle. More information is needed such as your age and the status of your skin tone. A neck lift procedure can certainly help with all of your issues, but it’s best to wait a year to allow full healing befor embarking on another procedure.

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