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Rhinoplasty improves the proportions of your nose and the harmony of your face. Patients may also refer to it as a “nose job” or “nose reshaping.”
It can help remedy breathing problems brought on by structural flaws in the nose.

Things rhinoplasty can fix

In relation to face equilibrium, nose size

the size and placement of the nostrils, or the width of the nose at the bridge

noticeable bumps or depressions on the bridge in the nose profile

An abnormally big or bulbous, drooping, tilted, or hooked nasal tip

big, wide, or tilted nostrils

nose asymmetry

Rhinoplasty Portland Oregon

Rhinoplasty Portland Oregon

Remember that everyone’s face is somewhat asymmetric if you want a more symmetrical nose.
Although it may not produce perfectly symmetrical results, the aim is to achieve facial equilibrium and the right proportion.

Having a rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum

Careful consideration of the nasal structure as it pertains to airflow and breathing is required before performing nose surgery to treat an obstructed airway.


By altering the nasal structure to better align the septum, one of the most prevalent reasons of breathing difficulty, the problem can be fixed.


Those who are suitable for rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty process is quite personalized.
You should act in your own best interests, not those of others or in an effort to conform to some sort of idealized ideal.

Those who are suitable for rhinoplasty

Should any of the following apply to you:

Your facial development is finished.

You are in good physical shape.

No, you don’t smoke.

You are optimistic and intend to make improvements to your appearance by setting reasonable goals.

What can I anticipate from a rhinoplasty consultation?

During your appointment for rhinoplasty, be ready to talk about:

Your surgical objectives in terms of breathing and aesthetics

health issues, medication allergies, and past medical interventions

Alcohol, cigarettes, drug use, vitamins, herbal supplements, and current prescriptions

prior operations

Your nose surgeon might also:

Examine your overall health and any risk factors or underlying illnesses.

The alternatives you have for altering your nose

Analyze and take a face measurement.

Take pictures

Talk about your alternatives for rhinoplasty.

Offer a course of action for therapy

Discuss the anticipated results of a nose operation as well as any dangers or potential complications.


What inquiries concerning rhinoplasty should I make of my plastic surgeon?

As a reference during your rhinoplasty consultation, use the following checklist:

Do you hold American Board of Plastic Surgery certification?

What chapter of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons do you belong to?

Did you receive specialized training in plastic surgery?

How long have you been studying plastic surgery?

Do you have permission from the hospital to carry out this procedure?
If so, which medical facilities?

Is the office-based surgical facility licensed by the state, authorized by Medicare, or accredited by a nationally or state-recognized accrediting agency?

What are my chances of success with this procedure?

What should I do to achieve the greatest results?

Where will you carry out my surgery, and how?

Which surgical method is suggested for me?

How long would it take me to recuperate, and what type of assistance will I require during that time?

What are the possible risks and side effects of my procedure?

How are problems resolved?

How should I anticipate my nose changing over time?

What choices do I have if I’m not happy with how my nose surgery looks cosmetically?

Do you have before-and-after pictures of this operation I can view, and what outcomes are reasonable for me?

Rhinoplasty Portland Oregon

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