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Rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a nose job, is simply a cosmetic plastic surgery technique for changing and reconstructing the nose without changing the underlying bones and tissues of the nose. There are typically two kinds of plastic surgeries used in rhinoplasty, corrective nose surgery that restores the normal shape and functions of your nose and aesthetic surgery that alters the look of your nose. Rhinoplasty can either be done under general or local anesthesia.

Prior to rhinoplasty surgery, your doctor will conduct a physical exam and review your medical history. During your physical exam, the doctor will take measurements of your nose, specifically your nasal bridge, nasal tip, base of the nose, and tip of your nose. Your doctor may also take a nasal view with the use of an instrument called a nasal camera or light source and video camera. During your evaluation, your doctor will also ask you questions about your lifestyle, medications, any allergies you may have, and your expectations for your surgery. He or she will also like to make sure that you are realistic about what the surgery can do for you.

If you decide to get rhinoplasty and there are no physical problems, you should be able to go home within two weeks. The surgery itself usually takes between one to three hours and you will need to rest for a couple of days afterwards. You will be given pain medication and your surgeon will advise you on the amount of time you need to recover. Typically, you can return to work and to your everyday activities around two weeks after the surgery.

Rhinoplasty Portland Oregon

Rhinoplasty Portland Oregon

After rhinoplasty surgery, you will be able to see a slight improvement in your appearance immediately. Your face will look more refined and your nose will look smaller. Within a few months, your new nose will be visible when you smile. If you were born with a hooked nose, the surgeon can reshape it and make it appear straighter.

One of the main reasons that people undergo rhinoplasty is to correct their breathing problems. If your nose is crooked, wide, hooked, large, or protruding, it may be causing breathing problems. The shape of your nose also influences your ability to breathe properly. When you have a nose job and your breathing problems improve, then you can consider getting another nose job as well.

Many people are afraid to have rhinoplasty because of the risks involved. While there are quite a few risks to having this surgery, most can be avoided if you are careful and follow your surgeon’s instructions. Most people who undergo rhinoplasty have the procedure performed on an outpatient basis, which means that you can go home the same day as surgery. You should avoid driving a car for several hours after the surgery, as swelling from the anesthesia can cause blurred vision and breathing problems. Most insurance companies do not cover this surgery, so you may need to pay for it out of pocket.

Rhinoplasty Portland Oregon

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